Liz is a registered Therapist (IAOTH), Spiritual Teacher, Author, & Healing Practitioner. She is the owner of sacred businesses Healing with Liz , Vixen Magik and Moonstone Crystal Academy. She is also registered with the WMA (World Metaphysical Association). Her areas of expertise include Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Crystal & Flower Essences, Crystal Grids, Soul Realignment™, Space Clearing, Meditation, Womb Healing, Lightarian™ AngelLinks, Akashic Record Reading, and Angelic Healing. She combines these modalities to create a unique and sacred healing session for each individual client. Book a Sacred Healing session or take a Spiritual Essence Journey with Liz today!

Hey guys! I'm Liz Demers and I'm here to inspire you, teach you, guide you, work with you and help you to heal emotionally, spiritually, and mentally so that you can move forward on your spiritual journey and manifest the life you desire for yourself & for those around you! 

I am a mom of 6 wonderful children, 6 adorable cats and 2 amazing dwarf rabbits named Thor & Pandora. I have a HUGE zest for life, love to laugh and just LOVE teaching & sharing crystal, herbal, and chakra information in my online classes & courses!

Experience a one of a kind sacred healing session, where I combine many spiritual tools and healing modalities to create a unique healing that balances and harmonizes the energy bodies bringing them back into perfect alignment. Release, restore, and realign your energy bodies and unleash that inner God or Goddess power you hold within and use that power to further your spiritual growth and to manifest the life you deserve. You ARE a beautiful, DIVINE Being and you are WORTH it! Each sacred healing session comes with a special spiritual essence blend to help you further cleanse, clear, and release. It will help to catalyze inner change, inner growth, and life transitions. It activates & escalates your vibrational energy and supports energy shifts that can occur while aligning the energy bodies and clearing & opening the light body. 

Take your own unique spiritual journey with my spiritual essence journeying blends and embark on a journey that is solely unique to you, and you alone. As each essence blend affects many different people, and on many different levels, each essence becomes a spiritual journey that is unique to each individual.  The longer you work with your chosen essence journey, the more you open yourself up in new and profound ways, deepening your spiritual journey further. 

I look forward to being present with you on your spiritual journey. 

Love & Light, 

Liz ​



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